A leap into well-being

Your hotel in Schenna with pool and panorama.

After a day in mountain boots, on a bike or amongst the hustle and bustle of Meran, there is hardly anything better than a dip in the cooling water. At our hotel in Schenna, with indoor and outdoor pools, there are several options to choose from. Into the panoramic outdoor pool, the warm indoor pool or the steaming whirlpool: dive in and submerse yourself in happiness for a moment.

Your mind wanders, everyday life is washed away, the body becomes weightless and light as a feather. Water invigorates – like a holiday in the Fürstenhof!

Anna Dosser

Outdoor pool: A refreshing retreat surrounded by nature

Our panorama pool, embedded in the lush green lawn, is a true source of relaxation. You can dive into the 28 °C heated water from March to November. There are plenty of sunny spots and shade to be found all around. The perfect place to enjoy the bliss of doing nothing, pick up your favourite book or simply watch the clouds slowly move from one mountain peak to the next.

Indoor pool & whirlpool: double bubble

If you prefer to surround yourself with the warmth of the water indoors, the indoor pool awaits with a water temperature of 32 °C. After a few lengths, accompanied by the view of the garden and the peaks, the relaxation areas at the edge of the pool invite you to rest and doze. The whirlpool also provides a bubbling change of scenery.

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