Relax in style

Lean back and find your way back to what matters most.

Sip tea in the fireplace lounge, unwind on the floating lounger and disconnect for a moment. Our quiet rooms are places where your thoughts do not revolve around yesterday or tomorrow, but are completely in the present moment. Here you can just be and treat yourself to the peace and quiet your soul needs.

On a wonderfully padded lounger. With fantastic mountain world in front of you. Within you there is nothing but calm. You will be amazed at how relaxed you can be!

Sarah Dosser

Relax with a view

After a sauna session, a dip in the pool or a massage, relaxation under a cosy blanket is just the thing. You will always find a free space and a view that invites you to daydream in our three relaxation rooms. Would you rather let your mind wander under a blue sky? There are also resting places in the garden where you can listen to the quiet whispers of nature.

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Warmth that soothes

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Hands that touch the soul


Water that invigorates