Welcome warmth

Healthy for the body, revitalising for the mind.

From hot Finnish to fragrant steam - at the Fürsten Spa you are guaranteed to find your ideal hot spot. Regular sauna infusions provide an extra dose of relaxation. After sweating, the ice fountain, showers and Kneipp course provide a healthy boost of freshness and the vitamin bar is ready to replenish your fluid reserves.

Panorama sauna
Relaxation at first sight

Here you can enjoy a rustic sauna experience with panoramic views. Get a sweat going at approx. 90 °C in this classic Finnish wooden sauna. Your circulation gets stimulated, detoxification is supported and your immune system is strengthened. There are also various infusions on the programme.

Herbal sauna
Aromatic warming experience

The gentle warmth and pleasant humidity release the essential oils of dried mountain flowers and herbs into the air, which are absorbed through the respiratory tract and skin. If you close your eyes, you feel as if you are surrounded by lush mountain meadows.

Turkish bath
Like balm for the respiratory system

A pleasant sweat bath with a sauna-like effect, but a completely different climate: Not as hot, but much more humid. Let the steam surround your body and experience how the healing and cleansing effect of this mineral bath clears your respiratory tract.

Family sauna
Sauna goodness for all the family

Want to relax like mum and dad? The little ones can learn about and feel the sauna experience on their own skin in the family textile sauna. With slightly milder temperatures and in swimwear, you can immerse yourself in the world of wonderful warmth together.

Infrared loungers
Wonderful warmth that goes deep

Experience the soothing "all-round warmth" and let yourself be pampered through and through. The infrared rays not only work on the surface, but also penetrate the muscles, relieve tension and help with muscle strain, stretching and joint inflammation.

Sauna infusions
Seductive scents for a sensual break

Our sauna world offers more than just warmth - discover our invigorating infusions! Our infusion master invites you to be enveloped by a variety of aromatic scents and indulge your senses. From refreshingly fruity to soothingly herbal - experience a wide range of scent variations that will enliven your senses and deepen your relaxation.

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